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12th-Feb-2013 01:40 pm - Still alive?
Hi :)
I just discovered there's a Vdex Community at LJ |D
But it looks like it hibernates :O
Well, I really like the event Luvdiscs! But I haven't seen any in the wild yet ._.
Btw. I'm always looking for people to trade with (I have many retros) and for my PalPad :>
28th-Aug-2012 02:32 pm - trainer sprites
Does anyone still read this comm? I'm really new to vdex and such so I only joined now. :( Oh well. If anyone's still here, I have a quick q about trainer avatars/sprites. Do we ever get to unblock ALL (or most) sprites from the games? Some of my favourite trainers are from Black and White but they're not in the Yin Yang Selection or any of the others I've unlocked so far. Thanks!

p.s.: Is there somewhere I can check if my pokémon sprites are uncommon? Or a way of determining this?
26th-Jan-2012 07:56 pm - vdex events
----can some one help and give me a list of all the names of the event pokemon that vdex has released like those halloween ones
---please help out it would mean alot
16th-Dec-2011 05:27 pm - pyp!
anal del taco
so it's been about a week since the holiday event started. thoughts?
personally, i'm enjoying being able to save up my money :v now i get to pursue breeding projects... and the cherubi are qt. i've been gifting newbies who post in the introductions subforum because they might not know about the event before it's over and they might want in on it :x

4th-Dec-2011 12:41 am - happy december!
anal del taco
it's a new month!

what did you guys end up getting from the anniversary event, if you participated?
- i finished with 1051 points, including the free 150 :( couldn't hit 1k on my own.

what do you hope to see in the coming christmas-themed event?
- i just want more pretty sprite edits, honestly :3

what do you think of this month's mystery parcel & sale?
- i'm indifferent to NPCs and ditto sprite edits, but am interested in (and have already bought...) seasonal bells :x and the book of llunec, even though i have no use for it...

16th-Nov-2011 10:04 am - Advertising Ideas
Wistful left
In order to get some more life into this club, anyone have any ideas for ways we could generate interest/advertising?

I was thinking about putting up a VDex comm thread in VDex somewhere (although I don't know which section it would go under) and I was also going to make some banners later today or tomorrow.

If anyone else has any ideas on what to do post them here, as well as any banners and stuff that you care to make.
12th-Nov-2011 10:37 pm - So many ones Giveaway
Hello there guys~ How did you find the latest official giveaway? It yielded a shiny Porygon-Z with a special nature and a mysterious item. I can't open the VDex site for some reason, so I still don't know what the item and Pokerus does >.>
12th-Nov-2011 11:36 pm - Another Anniversary post
bathtime left
Haha, on a kind of similar theme, but slightly different. I have a couple of ideas for posts here, but I'll spread them out a little, so I don't spam your inboxes ^_^
So, once again VDex's anniversary rolls around, and it's time to look back on how far VDex has come. What I'm asking is - What has changed since you've been playing VDex? What do you remember about when you arrived?

For me, I've been here since almost the beginning, so a lot has changed (I have some screenshots of how VDex used to be in my journal somewhere - you can ask me for the links if you like. Too lazy to do it now.) I was just recently looking through the 'view my party' thread, and I remembered that there was originally a different code for our parties. It's kind of fun to look back and see what pokemon I had out at that time, although I can't remember why I had those specific pokemon out. (It's also fun to go a couple of pages in and see the glitch that makes the party post multiple times. lol) Hmm, what else... being unable to catch pokemon with a full party, none of the little icons in the top right corner. that extra link in the item bag for the Xmas pokemon (although I can't remember what it said), and the frenzy to get all of the starters when breeding first came out. From memory, the first gen were abundant, second gen were pretty scarce, fimbulatr (or however you spell it) somehow got a croconow (metronome?) when pretty much no one else was breeding that starter. I can't remember what starter was the last to start appearing...I think it was one of the water ones but I'm not sure.

What are your memories of VDex?
12th-Nov-2011 11:20 pm - 2nd Anniversary Event
So, what are your thoughts on the second anniversary event? Commiserate over TrollMew, or your lack of berries, or about how good it is to be back travelling the map like when you were newbies. ^_^
How many points/pokemon are you planning to capture? Just enough for the legendary? For TrollMew? ALL THE POKEMON!

Personally, I'm probably going to be stocking up on Old Ambers (I consider Aerodactyls a bird, so it's easier than breeding retros.) I'm also going to try and catch all the pokemon, but I haven't really been going well lately.
At the moment I'm on:
Total Entries: 175
Total Points: 285
Number of Times Trolled: 11
And I'm being trolled by a Rickroll ^_^

5th-Nov-2011 06:40 pm - hi!
anal del taco
hey guys,
i noticed that this comm is kind of.... well, dead, and the maintainer (hi, are you around?) hasn't updated their journal in a little over a year? i've been thinking about doing daily vdex posts so that everyone can get some more ad points, but that wouldn't work if this comm is dead (and we can't really spam up pokemon). so! if i were to set up a new vdex comm, would anyone be interested in joining?

and, ofc,
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